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Feel free to contact Jen Hanshew or Nate Bennett of the ILEA Indiana Chapter at membership@ileaindiana.com
                 ...or ILEA Headquarters at 1-800-688-4737 or info@ileahub.com.


ILEA Indiana is more than a membership.  Becoming a part of ILEA is an investment in YOU - both personally and professionally.  Specifically, ILEA Indiana delivers in four distinct categories:

Learn: Stay on top of trends and develop a better understanding in all aspects of our industry through ILEA Indiana’s educational programs.  Whether it’s a program on design trends, learning how to more efficiently run your business, or even discussing what’s new in Indy, get ready to be more powerful through ILEA LEARNS.

Connect: Let’s face it, it is all about who you know!  Get connected and build powerful business relationship and friendships with your fellow ILEA Indiana members.  Our Chapter wants to ensure you meet the “right” people to include in your network and expand your sphere of influence.  Connections = Dividends… and we all like more money!

Recognition: You are awesome!  You know it, and now it’s time to show the world.  Submit for a local PACE award or national ESPRIT award, have a booth at Flaunt, or even sponsor a meeting.  Whatever it is, at ILEA Indiana, we like showoffs and recognizing the talented individuals and companies within the event industry!

Care: Nothing brings a group closer than coming together for a good cause.  When you are an ILEA member you are not just part of a network of hard working professionals, but also part of a compassionate group of friends.  ILEA Indiana participates in at least two charity events each year.  In April 2013, our chapter participated in the Best Buddies Friendship Walk, a wonderful cause for youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Whether benefiting the city or for a charitable organization, we like warm fuzzy feelings and would love for you to join us in spreading the love!  

Still need convincing? No one can tell you why to join more than our own amazing ILEA Indiana Members. Check out what a few of our members have to say:

  • “I joined ILEA to stay informed, to network, to be involved with the events community. I got involved, I participated, I inspired and I was active in the organization. If I had not donated or got involved with ILEA Indiana in 1998, I would not have the strong business I have today. You must work the organization, don't sit back, don't stay silent! The more you get involved the more connections you make; which leads to building a stronger business and network of colleagues.” Gene Huddleston, Detail + Design & ILEA Indiana Past President
  • “Being part of ILEA has been one of the best things I have done for my career! I have met so many new people, including Indy’s Top Special Event Vendors. I have also been very excited to learn new things, and stay current with all of the hottest trends.” Jen Barenie, Indianapolis Marriott Downtown & ILEA Indiana Past President
  • "I really enjoy the opportunity to turn business relationships into friendships. That, to me, is the greatest value in ILEA over the years." Larry Sauer, Encore Entertainment
  • “The relationships have been invaluable and built my business from day one. I tell every aspiring member of the event industry that membership in event organizations is needed. The education, networking and validity it brings to a company are keys to success!” Monica Richard, Mon Amie Events & ILEA Indiana Past President
  • "When I was in my research phase for Snappening.com, I knew I wanted to become part of trade groups that represented to height of the industry. So ILEA just clearly stood out as one of these groups. I met with the president at that time and I started my plans to get involved right away." Crystal Grave, Snappening.com
  • "I regularly attended meetings years ago, but priorities changed with a full time career and a young family. I came back to ILEA, because I missed the camaraderie and networking that go hand-in-hand with ISES. Many of the event professionals I respect the most are a part of the Indiana Chapter. Plus, I am tired of experiencing the PACE Awards through text on my couch at home! Out of ILEA, I am gaining a solid professional support network and contributing my own experience in the events industry to help others build their own businesses.” Jama Finney, Cake Zen
  • “I really think being in a professional organizational is critical to a successful career. I have an undergraduate and graduate degree and value my education every day of my life! I joined ILEA because it gives me many opportunities to continually learn, to grow, to be in a professional environment, have a huge network of professionals to feed from and expects me to be my best as a professional.” Kim King Smith, Kim King Smith Events, LLC

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