PACE Entry Details

Who can enter the awards?
Entries are open only to current ILEA Members. You must be listed on as a member on or before the day of the event which is being entered.

What are the award categories?
Links to each award category can be found in the column to the left. You may also 


Can I submit any event?
Events submitted must have occurred between January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018.

Can I include my company name or logo?
DO NOT include entrant names, team member names, company names or logos, or client names in your entry (including all text, support materials, collateral, invitations, invoices, etc.). Please note: If a client logo appears in a photograph or video, it is acceptable. The judges do not expect those to be blurred out. However, the file names for collateral uploaded should be scrubbed clean of names. ALL ENTRIES THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THIS RULE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Are the entries anonymous?
In order to maintain fairness in the judging process, the PACE Awards are entirely anonymous and completely an online process.

Who judges the awards?
In order to maintain complete fairness, judging for the PACE Awards will be an online process and judged by ILEA members from a variety of chapters in North America. The judges have been selected based on their specialty and expertise in the award categories. In general, the entries will be judged on:

    • How well the event met its objectives.
    • Originality and creativity of the event, product, or services.
    • Execution of the event.
    • Integration of support collateral materials.
    • The quality of the event, attention to detail, and concept.
    • Any challenges that were presented and overcome. 

What is important to know when submitting the budget for an event?
Any category name that includes a monetary element will require a budget. Those with a budget required will find it on the entry form. It is important to understand the retail value of all items used, including donated, sponsored, and inventory items, must be included. 

Will my entry be saved?
Unfortunately, the online system DOES NOT currently have the capability to save draft entries. It is strongly recommended that each entry be created in a word processing document to insure you have a copy.

How much is the entry?
Each entry costs $75. An online invoice will be sent from the Chapter Administrator to you once your entry has been submitted. You may pay by credit card or check.

What are team entries?
A team entry can be entered when three or more individuals or companies were instrumental in planning an event. Everyone must be from different companies, and all entrants MUST be current ILEA members. Every company or individual that is participating in the team entry must pay the primary entrant the $75 fee. 

How large can the file sizes be?
With the exception of video files, all other file sizes should be no greater than 1Mb.

When are the entries due?
Online entries must be completed by midnight EST February 28th. They may be submitted at any point leading up to the dealine. 

How will I know if I am nominated?
The nominees in each category will be notified no later than April 11th.

What if I have questions?
If you have questions about the process, or run into problems, please send an email to:

So now what?
Evaluate your events from the past year. What were your biggest challenges, and how did you overcome them?  What were the most rewarding and successful events for your business? Use those events as your inspiration to enter for a PACE Award. 


As Effie Trinket said in Hunger Games, "May the odds be ever in your favor."